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Blacksmith Made Hooks ❤️

Updated: Mar 11

From our forge in rural Kent, we design and make a range of ironmongery for the home including an array of hooks. This Valentine's we made a batch of Heart Hooks to go on sale to a few of our local retailers.

Red Hot Heart Hooks
Hot Heart Hooks Cooling Down

We make them in two different sizes each heart hook. Once placed into the forge the steel is heated to 1,100 Degrees centigrade and hammered on the anvil to create the symmetrical love heart motif at the top of the hook.

Each hook is wire brushed and waxed which protects it from rusting indoors and comes with a matching screw! Other finish options are available such as paint, polished or even left to rust to give a rustric organic aesthetic!

Get in touch should you wish to place an order or discuss your next project with us today!

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