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Cast Iron Fireplace Damper Repair

Updated: Mar 11

We were contacted by a customer who needed their cast iron fire damper repaired or replaced as it was missing a corner.

Black decorative cast iron fire damper
Broken Cast Iron Damper

This is the before photo as you can tell the rest of the damper is in good condition it's just a shame a corner has been broken off! Due to the condition and size of the brake, we were able to undertake to repair the damper rather than replace it.

As always it's always great when the broken-off piece is saved as this makes it a little easier. However unfortunately the broken piece had gone missing which meant we had to grind a piece of metal plate to fit perfectly in the gap and braze in.

We cleaned the area where the brake was. This had some soot, rust and old paint build-up which had to be cleaned off with a wire wheel to ensure the braze was strong. We TIG brazed the new piece on and ground the braze flush with the rest of the damper.

We then used a high-temperature black paint to cover the colour difference between the brass-coloured braze and the black Iron. once the paint had dried and cured by the gas forge it was ready to be delivered and reinstalled.

Black decorative cast iron fire dampener fully repaired
Repaired Cast Iron Fire Damper

Voila the finished Damper!

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