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New Website!

Updated: Mar 11

Hot Iron now has a fully revamped website in order to show our work and the best ways of getting in contact with us to start your next project.

Hot Iron's new website screenshot
New Website Screenshot

Starting From Scratch

Together with & they have helped create a fully operational website for Hot Iron to showcase our past work, work in progress's and to be an easy way to get our contact info either via the contact form, through our social media or through email and phone.

Social Media

While although Hot Iron can be found on Instagram and Facebook. We have also started a blog to give regular updates with our process of working which will take you from initial contact with clients, to manufacture all the way to installation and client testimonials.

To Lookout For

We'll be keeping you updated with where we are showcasing our work in open studios, live competitions and county shows across the country. Stayed tuned for further updates!

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